How to Create a Healthy Space for Living and Working

Most people spend at least 90% of their time indoors. This is especially true today when most companies have adopted remote and hybrid working arrangements. But despite these operational frameworks offering convenience, its challenge lies in achieving a balance between comfort and productivity.  

Remember that prioritizing a healthy living and working environment is important for your physical and mental health. That said, the question arises: how do you create a healthy space?

Tips for Creating a Healthy Living and Working Space

Some individuals may think that creating a healthy space requires investing in modern technologies and extensive home renovations. While these resources can truly be of help, the journey of cultivating a healthy environment begins with yourself.

Here are steps to care for yourself that can significantly contribute to enhancing both your living and working environment.

Leverage Natural Light

During childhood, you have been likely exposed to sunlight by your parents, as it offers numerous benefits. Sunlight exposure fosters the production of vitamin D, which is crucial for calcium absorption. Additionally, exposure to natural light may assist in potentially inhibiting the development of certain cancers.

But its benefits extend beyond these health aspects. Natural light can positively impact mood and mental well-being, which are both vital for maintaining an optimal working and living space. It stimulates your body's production of serotonin and melatonin, regulating circadian rhythms and enhancing sleep quality.

Natural light also reduces eye strain, glare, and headaches associated with artificial lighting. Additionally, by simply opening your window and allowing the natural light to flow through your space, you can diminish your reliance on electric lighting and cooling systems.

Drink Water

Humans need water to survive. Although food is also crucial for survival, people can sustain themselves without eating for at least three weeks. But without water, a human body can only survive for 3-5 days.

Water is essential for your well-being. It is vital for facilitating the transportation of nutrients to your cells. Drinking water also helps eliminate body waste while safeguarding your joints and organs and regulating your body temperature.

Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day promotes hydration, helping you improve your cognitive function and energy levels. Hydrating can also increase your productivity and comfort in both living and working spaces.

Move Around

Physical activity is not only about going outdoors and performing extreme activities. It can be as simple as exercising or standing up from your couch or home office desk. Whether you are watching television or working, taking a break and doing a few stretches is important for your well-being.

Moving your body allows you to release endorphins, helping you relieve pain, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood. Simple stretches also enable your emotions to flow, helping you foster a stronger mind and body connection.

Some of the best exercises you can do while staying at home are:

  • Squats
  • Chair Dips
  • Seated Leg Lifts
  • Wall Sits
  • Desk Push-ups
  • Oblique Twists
  • Chest and Wrist Stretch
  • Jumping Jack
  • Jogging in Place
  • Calf Raises
  • Arm Circles
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Toe Raises

Remember to Practice Proper Posture

Incorrect posture is among the top risk factors for low back pain, affecting more than 25% of the population, particularly those in the working sector. It can also result in tension headaches, labored breathing, reduced respiratory, and fatigue, among others.

Maintaining proper posture is not just for looking poised and confident. More importantly, it is for keeping your body in alignment, preventing you from experiencing strain or being injured.

Practicing good posture involves keeping your spine aligned, shoulders back and relaxed, and your head balanced atop your shoulders. In addition, investing in ergonomic furniture and workspace setups can help you with your posture.

Whether you are sitting at a desk or couch, standing, or even lying down, maintaining good posture can greatly impact how you feel throughout the day.

Set Reminder Alarms

When you are too engrossed in a movie or caught up in meeting deadlines, it is easy to forget to take a break. Therefore, it is advisable to set reminders throughout the day. TSetting reminders can help you maintain both your physical and mental well-being despite being immersed in tasks or entertainment.

One of the simplest yet most effective ways of reminding yourself to take a break is through the Pomodoro technique.

Named after the tomato kitchen timer, Pomodoro (Italian for tomato) is a concentration technique created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, who was a university student at the time. This approach allows you to devote yourself to a task for a set period, take a short break, and then return to your task with renewed focus.

Many find the Pomodoro technique effective because it allows you to divide your tasks into more manageable chunks, helping you to feel more organized. The short breaks in between also offer you a chance to relax, which is particularly beneficial during moments of task-related stress. Others view these brief breaks as small rewards for being able to focus for a given amount of time.


Studies show that clutter can be directly linked to stress and even anxiety. This underscores the importance of maintaining cleanliness to create a healthy living and working environment.

Regular cleaning directly impacts your health by removing dust, allergens, and germs that may cause respiratory issues and allergies. In addition, a clutter-free environment fosters productivity by allowing you to focus better and work more efficiently.

Having a clean home and work area can also influence your mental health by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing your mood. Furthermore, keeping your space clean improves and ensures that your space is safe for living and working.

Use LED Bulbs

People need light to function–whether it is for performing personal or professional tasks. Without it, you may not only experience difficulties in accomplishing your tasks but also strain your eyes, cause headaches, and decrease your productivity levels. Inadequate lighting can also negatively affect your mood and jeopardize your safety.

Whether you are to use it as a table lamp Philippines for your work desk or side table, LED lights offer a solution to this dilemma by providing energy-efficient, long-lasting illumination. Originally used for niche applications such as indicator lights and electronics, LED technology has evolved over the years and has become one of the primary lighting solutions today.

With their durability and cost-effectiveness, you can establish healthy spaces in your home and work area.

Elevate Your Living and Working Space with the Right LED Bulbs

As mentioned, having a healthy living and working space starts by investing in yourself. The more you give importance to your well-being, the easier it will be to ensure that your space supports both living and working effectively.

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