SIMON Light Bulb: Introducing a New Way to Illumination

LED lights are one of the most revolutionary innovations with immense potential to transform the illumination sector positively. However, many households remain unaware of its benefits and specifics.

Unsure if you should make the switch? Here are some key aspects you need to know about them.

What are LED Lights?

LED or light-emitting diodes are semi-conductor devices emitting visible or infrared light once charged with electric current. This process is called electroluminescence.

When subjected to an electric field, electrons within the LED bulbs transition to higher energy levels. Upon returning to lower energy levels, they will release energy in the form of photons, generating visible light.

Through the electroluminescence process, LED lights no longer need light ballasts, unlike incandescent bulbs, to produce light.

Why Should People Start Using LED Lights

Despite the rising popularity of LED lights, numerous households still rely on fluorescent and incandescent lighting. If you are one of these and are still unsure why individuals are transitioning their lighting systems to LED, allow this list of LED’s advantages to explain why.

  • Long Lifespan – LED’s lifespan is far superior to incandescent or fluorescent lights. With a range of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, it outshines the 1,000 to 10,000 hours of incandescent bulbs and the 8,000 to 10,000 hours of fluorescent lights.
  • Energy Efficiency – In contrast to traditional lighting systems, incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED lights’ energy efficient feature contributes more to cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Eco-friendly – LED lights consume less energy, last longer, and contain no hazardous materials, reducing waste and carbon footprint. These make them the more eco-friendly lighting options compared to their counterparts.

These three are only the most prominent advantages of LED lights. If you want to explore the other benefits of LED lights, check out this article.

SIMON LED Lights: A New Way to Illumination

As LED lights continue to gain popularity, numerous LED light suppliers Philippines are seeking diverse options to offer their customers. But with the wide array of brands, consumers may find it overwhelming to choose one for their homes or offices.

That said, we would like to introduce you to SIMON LED lights.

SIMON is the latest addition to the LED light market in the Philippines. Established in 1916, this brand hailed from Barcelona has continuously delivered top-notch illumination to numerous residential and commercial spaces.

SIMON LED light is known to have:

  • High light transmittance lumen efficiency up to 125 lm/W 
  • Lifespan of 20,000 hours
  • Flexible material
  • Flicker free

This LED light brand also offers different light temperatures, allowing you to choose according to your needs and preferences.

  • 3000K Warm White
  • 4000K Cool White
  • 6500K Daylight

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Where to Purchase SIMON LED Lights?

Given its impressive features, it is only natural for people to be eager to explore SIMON LED lights. However, since it is an international brand, homeowners and commercial property owners may feel uncertain about where to find authentic SIMON products.

Lightforce Corporation is the only official authorized and exclusive distributor of SIMON LED products in the Philippines. We also offer SIMON LED lights through online platforms, such as Lazada and Shopee

We are a name you can surely trust, not only with LED lights but also with other illumination products like chandeliers, emergency lighting, and outdoor lighting Philippines. Discover more about our product offerings by checking out our website.

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